a few questions

hi guys, i'm a new DRZ 400 SM owner and i must admit i am in love. the bike is great, i use it mostly for getting around my city which has a huge traffic problem. i ride it on the sidewalk, over the tram rails, off-road over the green fields between roads, anyway it's awesome.

but, this being my first sumo and my first monocylinder bike, i do have a few questions and here they are:

1. what kind of oil do you use? brand and type.

2. is it worth to buy an aftermarket air filter? will there be any difference with regards to power and acceleration?

3. i would like to change the carb with a bigger one .. 39 or 41...what do you think?

4. my rear tire is 140/70/17. could i fit on a 160/70/17 on the same rim? most of the tyre manufacturers do not make 140 competitive tyres. for exemple michelin doesnt produce Pilot Power on 140, Pirelli doesnt produce Dragon Supercorsa on 140, neither does Dunlop with the D209 Qualifier RR. So, can i fit in a 160/70/17 ?

5. another problem is that the i need to get tubless tyres. is that possible with the factory Excel rims? do i need anything else?

that's about it !

cheers !

Hey there..

1. Any good semi-synthetic 10/40 or similar motorcycle oil will be fine. I use Silkolene Comp 4 so you know.

2. Not really worth buying an aftermarket air filter as the standard filter flows just fine, you won't see any gains from it.

3. If you have the standard Mikuni 36mm BSR CV carb then yes an upgrade to the Keihin FCR 39mm flatslide is well worth it.

4. Yes you can fit wider tyres on the stock rim but manufactures don't make tyres in 160/70, there usually a 160/60, but they do fit the SM swingarm just fine. I have used a 160/60-17 Supercorsa and MT60RS corsa with no problems at all. (when you change your rear tyre take the bolts out of the back chain guide, the ones bolting it to the swingarm, and turn them around so the nuts are on the outside. Makes tyre/wheel changes easier.)

5. Using tubeless tyres on the excel rim is fine but you'll need to still use an innertube unless you get the rims converted to tubeless. There are a few ways from cheap to moderately expensive but none of them are 100% compared to a real tubeless rim like the Alpinas etc.


for the carb go with the fcr mx kit from here the rear tire a 160 will fit but 150x60 is what everyone goes with

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