Anyone using these XL600R fork springs?

I'm considering buying some progressive brand fork springs for my XL600. 80 bucks at Dennis Kirk. Only comes in one type - no spring rate given. Anyone using these?

I bet if you call them they could give you the specs. Those were sprung too lightly stock so I bet they are an improvement regardless. I put .46kg springs in mine and it seem pretty good. Approx. 200lb rider. There are several spring rate charts readily available on the net. I used a charts for XR650L since they are similar bikes and the charts don't chronicle dinosaurs.

are you using progressive or race tech springs or another make?

I've got the stockers preloaded with about a 1/4 inch of washers but I'm probably gonna order some better springs.

I am using race tech springs, though the make probably doesn't matter too much as long as spring rate measurement is accurate. I agree with racetech that staight wound springs are better because they are really progressive in operation more predictably than progressively wound springs which are really a compromise of both spring rates. Either case though it is very important to match spring rate to weight load. Then spend a little time getting race sag set right and you will be happy.


I was looking at race techs site and didn't see fork springs for the xl600. I'll probably give them a call and see if they can help me out - maybe they can recommend an oil weight/level as well. Did you buy yours from race tech or somewhere else? Thanks for the tips :ride:

Call them I'm sure they have something that will fit XL600. Springs are not rocket science. You have OD,ID, spring rate and length and there are not a lot of different size forks out there. I am sorry to mislead you, but now that I reread the post I see my error. I was discussing spring rates not necessarily fitment to XL600's I did not research whether they had them or not. I just said that I had fitted 46's on my XL and liked them, what I didn't mention because I didn't think it was relevant to the thread is that I have XR400 forks on my bike. Those springs are readily available from a number of sources and I assumed XL would be to, but I guess dinosaurs don't count anymore in some peoples eyes. I still believe that springing for the proper weight of the rider is one of the best improvements you can make in any fork.

Dave, are your XR400 forks 41 or 43mm? I ask as i have XR forks on my XL but not sure if they are 250's or 400's and i want to upgrade the springs, everything i find on the net tells me the 400's were 43mm, the guy that sold them to me said 400, they are cartidge forks.

43mm, as are XR600, XR650l. I used the XR600 triple tree because it had the right fork stops. XR650l top clamp fits and has an ignition switch and gauge mount though it will need to be modified to work with XL gauges. I had a machine shop build a custom axle to fit the stock wheel to the XR400 forks. The stock XL caliper bolted right on too. I also used an XR600 rear shock with 11.5 kg spring, works good for me 180-200 lbs. Here it is ready to go trail ridingDSCN1493.jpg

Hi Dave, ok, i see what you've done, 43 for XR and 41 for XL sounds right, although my first XL was an Italian import and had 39mm forks, what a pain that was.

I'm trying to ID these forks i'm using so i can find some progressive springs for them. They fit the front end perfectly and are 41mm, do you think they could be from a 250?

They must be 250's. I did a little looking on and it looks like 250's did have 41mm cartridge forks from about 90 on. The XR250r had KYB 41's with rates varying a little from year to year, but some where near .360*.370kg. They do not show sizes for the XRR springs but they are a different part number from the XRL springs which are 34.9x444mm according to their reference. The L would have showa's too to help identification. Either way springs are available you just have to figure out which 250 forks.

Hope this helps clear things up a little. 250 forks would be fine if sprung right I'm sure. Stock springing for them is way light for the 600. Once they are sprung right the dampening would be free to control movement. If left undersprung you would find that you would have to crank the dampening on full to control bottoming, that is how my 400 forks were. New springs made them feel entirely different.


Thanks Dave, i did get the local bike shop to service them and stiffen them up by shimming them out and using stiffer oil, but i am going to look for better springs although it does feel OK when riding.

That is some serious trail riding gear. Her we usually ride around or over trees, not chop them down with a chain saw.

Regards Alan Case

Shimming the springs will just increase preload which you may have to do after you get the right springs.It might help a little in the meantime. Check the internet for sag setting of suspension, there are many sites out there. Follow the instructions and set front and rear properly and you will be amazed at the ride quality. Are your forks XLR or XLL?

Alan: Up here in the northwest after a storm goes through the mountains a chainsaw is mandatory to get through the trails. Late last fall we went riding and cleared about 70 windfalls on one 5 mile trail, I burned more gas in my saw than my bike that day. I don't mind jumping logs but when they are chest level it is hard to do. Besides you never know if you might meet some disgruntled tree huggers or quad riders, the saw work good on them too.

Not sure Dave, i bought them from a guy thet said they were 1999 XR400 forks but we've agreed at 41mm they probably aren't off a 400. I looked all over the forks for numbers but couldn't find any, there must be some indicator somewhere.

According to my research the XR250R has KYB forks and The XR250L had Showa. I am pretty sure by the size they are 250 forks, which wont really make any difference when sprung for the 600. If you can't find out which ones they are you can always measure the spring to see.


Thanks Dave, i would think if they were showa forks then it would be marked on them, these seem to be completely unmarked so i'd assume they are off the 250r.

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