C.O.D procedure on Uptite Order

Anyone out there done a C.O.D with Uptite. I have an order in with them and am wondering if the "c" means cash only or if check or charge are acceptable. I have not ordered COD since the 1970's, so I imagine the order is being sent via Pony Express as well. Thanks in advance...TT

Call yer carrier and see what form of payment they prefer.

Call George in case you don't know who's delivering your goods.

(714) 540-2920

George is great to work with (Old School) :thumbsup: cash and checks very Fair just, call him.

My recent Uptite order came COD via UPS - gave the driver a check and we were all set!!!

Yep...a check will do it!

thank you fellas. In honor of my first COD purchase in over 30 years, I'll be breaking out some K-Tel records(those of you who remember) while installing my Y and carb vent filter...

It is "CHEQUE".

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