Trys...but wont start - where to start? (NX650)

OK so I tried to start up the beast today but no joy :thumbsup:

It fires once every now and then but never more than once, and very intermittently.

Where would you begin?

I figure ill start by making sure its got a regular spark but I cant get the plug out, none of my spanners fit in there - what type of tool do you need for it??

I guess im hoping its something simple like spark or fuel rather than a screw up putting the top-end back together.

Would you think that if it fires intermittently that timing is OK or is that a sign that something could be off there?

Help my appreciated! :thumbsup:


Make sure you have fuel, spark and compression. It sounded to me like the cam timing was ok from your other thread.

Urrgh I may have an idea, will this bike start in gear?

Its not in neutral and I didn't notice as ive got the chain off...:thumbsup:

Urrgh I may have an idea, will this bike start in gear?

Its not in neutral and I didn't notice as ive got the chain off...:thumbsup:

It should start if you try bump starting.

I'd be rechecking your Tappet/Rocker clearances..To tight is no good and can cause starting issues/Kickback etc..Throw a new plug in as well to be on the safe side...Bit of a Dawnbreaker working on it now...must be still dark over there.The Plug spanner size I'm not sure on.Got my tube Socket from a secondhand Tool shop.I fear you may need to go to a dealer to get one to fit as it;s a very confinded space and I've never managed to get a normal Plug Socket in there.

Does it have a clutch lever switch like a ignition cutoff bypass?

Its ALIIIIIIVEEE!!! Muaaahhaahhaaa.. :thumbsup:

I ended up having to chuck the chain back on so I could rock it..went in to neutral and away she went!

Dawnbreaker alright Horrie, ive got to go to work soon - great way to start the morning though :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone, ill post up some pics for you once I get everything back on.


Some bikes have a switch on the clutch lever that alow the engine to start with a gear on but also with the clutch lever pulled...

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