Kibblewhite valves

I have kibblewhite valves, retainers, and springs in my 450.....are they louder than stock? the guy that put them in told me they would be

I have never heard of valves being louder??? Did he say the exhaust not was goign to be louder, or did he say the actual valves woudl be louder?? That is weird. He may have just told you that so if there is an increase in volume, you dont freak out and think something is busted. I'm sure it willall work out just fine.

yeh i have never heard of it either....i mean its not a clunk...sounds like normal 4 stroke engien noise

I have noticed a slight increase in valve "clatter" in all three CRF's I put kibblewhite valves in. But the only time I notice it is when the bike is at idle on a stand. When you ride you will never know the difference.

well thats exactly what mines doin..thanks guys

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