07 WR450 Valve Job Intervals?

I am on my third valve adjustment and was wondering how soon should I be looking at a valve job? My bro's X lasted 3 years before he forked out the money. I keep them very tight and check them often, but do like to fly across them dry lakes, and have about 3500 miles on the bike as of now. I am just hopeing that all you WR owners are getting 5k out of your steed. I guess I could yank the head to check:eek: . Man do I miss 2 strokes.:thumbsup:

A general rule of thumb is that if you have to go two or more shim sizes from stock to bring the clearances into spec, then it's time. This is especially important for two-piece OEM valves. When the valve face or seat becomes worn unevenly, the resulting side loads on the valve stems will break the valve head off.

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