QT video from 7-20

Nice Vid. I am going to miss riding with you guys!:thumbsup:

It was fun, but the C class was a nighmare! I rode it for one session and spent the whole time dodging other riders. I rode the rest of the day in the AB class and had a blast.

We were there yesterday also, sucks the track is closing. My son said that was the best layout they've had yet. He got plenty of "good" practice with 5 of the little bike riders going to Loretta's.

It's a shame, the layout is finally fun to ride and they're closing. I would've rode there a lot more if they found this layout earlier. I might be there next weekend.

The track looks nice and tacky, but the ponds are rather full...:thumbsup:

Someone fell into a "pond" and they had to get a tractor to get the bike out.

Nice riding Carl. The layout actually looks decent, and fun to ride. It sucks to loose another track, whether anyone likes the layout or not...Nowadays we need everywhere we can get to ride. Sadly there are becoming fewer and fewer places to ride.

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