Would I do ok?

Hi. Right now I ride a TTR 230. I'm getting to the point where I need more power when I'm riding. Not to mention I need a better suspension for the motocross tracks. I was wondering, has anybody else made this switch and how did you do. I want to make sure that this isn't too much of a switch, but still a big difference. Thanks.


I went from TTR230 to WR250F....The difference is huge but in a good way...

if you are going to be getting into track riding more id go up to any of the motocross 250f's (YZ250F, CRF250R, etc) but if you only see the track a bit and like to ride the trails then go for a WR250F, the power difference is noticably larger on the YZ250F because of its gearing and the suspension is much larger but if your going to be on the trails, WR250F is alot more comfortable and forgiving

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