Boring out for a 262

Hey Guys,

I have done a hell of a lot of searching on here. Found some awesome info on it all.

But just never found something about if I have to re-chrome the barrel after it has been bored out? As I do believe they are a chrome bore?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



yes.....or you can have it sleeved, its a push on cost. Best way is to order a kit that includes the jug and you can exchange yours for or pay a core, keep the original then you have the original as a spare.

Awesome. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

Awesome. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

Check the TT store or google YZF250 big bore. you will find many an offering and prices from $400 to 2k depending on what size and degree you want to go to..:thumbsup:

TT store

Max Power

Lukes Racing

for a start.:thumbsup:

chrome was used in the 60's and maybe the early 70's. then it was just steel for a while. ever since the 80's it has been nikasil or that under a different (but simular) name. welcome to the new century!!!

Contact Millenium Tech for a bored, plated barrel with piston rings and so on.

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