Gas scooters...

I want to pick up a little gas scooter to take to our familys lakehouse. Not a full size scooter but a little 50cc gas scooter. I dont know much about these but I have found numerous websites selling them. Just curious if anyone knows a good brand or good site to buy one from. I'm not looking to buy anything "extreme" although most websites call them extreme scooters. I also dont want to spend more then $400.00 on one. This is one site I found with a decent looking model:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!:thumbsup:


that model is a weed wacker on a wal mart scoot

no storage top speed 33mph? (down hill with wind on your back)

can you get parts?

it would be good to fold up and toss it in the trunk and go somewhere, but i wouldnt use it for actual transportation

If you're knowledgable in operating vehicles without pushing their engine capabilities from the get-go, handy to disgnose problems on vehicles, have proper tools to work on vehicles.. got for it, cheap Chinese scooters can save you lots of money over more reputable brands.

I have a 250cc Chinese scooter, I put over 2800 miles on it since March 26th this year, zero problems, gets over 90 mpg, I'm more than happy with my purchase so far.

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