Unadilla 2008


I went to Unadilla with my dad this past weekend...it was good and bad. I wont get into the racing, but i will talk about other things. If anyone went i would like your input, especially on SUnday.

WE arrived at about 3:20 p.m. Saturday and watched practice. I hadnt been to UNadilla since 04 so i wasnt sure what to expect, but the track was great. They didnt need to add topsoil to both ends of the cavity and they should add the Wall again, (the area where Stewart landed on RC in 05), but other than that it was awesome. The track really looked the best id seen it. During the last chance races we saw John Dowd and some other guy on 110s. THe sad thing is noone knew who he was.ONly one 30 somthing guy went over for an autograph. After the qualifiers my dad and i stayed around because there was suppose to be a pit bike race. We went over to the bleachers at the cavity, just to see Mike Byrne and Andrew McFarlane. What surprised me was noone knew who they were either. Only one black kid and his dad talked to them and shook their hands. We were within 15 ft. of them and i could have easily talked to them for 20 mins about whatever, but figured id leave them alone. To me it was kinda obvious it was them cuz Byrne was wearin one of those Makita shirts that the riders wear at the press conferences and McFarlane was wearing a Motosport T-shirt. THen after they went bakc to the pits, Jeff ALessi was riding his pit bike around. He came right beside me and went down the cavity(outisde the track). He then brought his bike back over and had a brief autograph session. ANd i think...some kid called him Jessie???? I hope not, but then again it wouldnt surprise me. THe pit bike racing was great, Alessi and some guy on a white 50 with the #282 battled it out all three motos in the 50 class. I believe Alessi got first overall with 1-1-3 scores, depends on if they used the AMA point system. The stock 110 class was the best racing by far, not sure who won, but it was def. the closest racing. And in the 110 mod class Willy BRowning swept all 3 motos.

Now to Sunday. Anyone that was there, was the time from 10-1 the biggest waste of your life or what??? They did NOTHING...COuld have had more pit bike racing, WMA racing, or w/e. BUt they just decided to waste our time. They had the guy on the snowmobile jump the new tabletop and teh skyshot(older tabletop), but that was for 10 mins.....What a joke, just about everyone was complaining. I was disappointed with the way the time was run on Sunday. Plus they never did race the Womens class anyway, they were suppose to do one moto during intermission. Its all good, cuz Sara Price isnt in the Womens pro class yet lol. But i would have liked to see Geiger, Whitmore, Patterson, and Fiolek race. What do y'all think that went.

well was the racing even worth watching? How was the crowd turn out. Budds Creek was boring on both accounts.

I left after the first two motos, they were a snore. Stewart was 20 seconds ahead of second place by lap 4. Villopoto was almost as gone on dungey. I lfet because I knew the storm was comming and I didnt want to deal with the mud. I heard the second motos were much more intresting because of the conditions and the fact that cody cooper gave stewart a decent run in the mud. Kinda wish I stayed, but im also glad I didnt have to do the 3.5hr drive home, soaking wet and covered with mud.

the racing was a bit un-exciting.....but thats pretty much how its been all year.......i always bring newspapers/mags to read for a few hours cuz sunday am can drag on quite a bit......i usually leave about 10 minutes into the last 450 moto but left towards the end of the last lites moto......the clouds that were rolling in were VERY ominous....i'm actually quite surprised they ran the second 450 moto......it started to thunder and lightning a bit after the 2nd lites moto so i figured it would be a long delay or not run at all.....either way would suck for me so i split...

Yea it's pretty awesome with the pros just walking around. I go to millville and last year j-law and josh hill were sitting right in front of my dad for a practice session, as well as numerous other incounters. Thatsone thing that makes pro mx so awesome. What other sport can you interact with the top athletes like that.:thumbsup:

yea i got there around 9 sunday morning. watched a little ridiing i think itw as practice.. then i sat around and just hung out with friends from 10 to 1.. the racing was great i thought. the first 2 motos were good and the last 2 motos were awesome. some really good racing in the lites class for the lead and in the motocross class it just poured so that made racing really fun. lets just say that JS had his work cut out for him the first time this year..

i go there to hang out with friends, drink some beer, and just watch how fast these guy go on a bike, its amazing :thumbsup:

I slept in my buddies car from 10-12, then we went over to look at the Muscle Milk/Skoal/Monster girls from 12-1. :thumbsup: But they said that they cancelled the 2nd practice sessions Sunday morning for fear of rain, so I think that there generally is more riding at normal races.

The last moto was awesome. Cody Cooper almost pulled off the biggest upset ever. The cool thing was that as they were battling, I was talking to a privateer about the race, bikes, and the huge disadvantage the privateers have. The interesting thing is that after Bubba won and started his little dance/celebration, he shook his head and said that he should be embarrassed that Cooper stayed so close.

Not to mention how Dungey should've won the the 2nd lites moto. Pulling away from Villopoto, and he crashes jumping back onto the start straight. :thumbsup:

yo! i was in the stock 110 race sat at unaf!@indilla!! i was # eleven with the electrical tape numbers. right at the end a few of us snuck into the last 50 moto, i was right behind alesse wachin him wave to the crowd!! that was the MOST FUN i had all weekend!! i have no idea were i finished tho, you know were i can find out? i raced the amature at u2 with my 450 too that weekend! good time!!!

I just watched the lites on Speed, Dungey had RVs number in the second moto. If they didnt red flag it , I think Dungey may have had him for the overall.

Three yellow bikes on the podium and all those holeshots. Nice job Suzuki boys!

How do you get 2 holeshots in the same moto? RED FLAG!

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