MTV MADE moto episode

Hey, I was wondering if anyone on here watched/recorded the MTV made episode that aired last week featuring a girl riding moto. I was at the race where it was being filmed and had a friend call me to say "dude, you’re on TV". I didn't bother to record/watch the show since I figured I wouldn't be in it. Anyone have the footage or know where I could find it?

I’m a star! Look out hollywood, here I come! Brad Pitt aint got nothin, I'm on MTV made for 2-3 seconds! Hoes will be lining up to meet me in no time.

The episode I'm looking for is #12 of season #9.

it was a girl. i dunno, i didnt watch it. she lives in texas too. im friends with her on myspace.

i seen it but i wasn't exactly watching for you. i have it on my dvr but i wouldn't know how i would get it to you. just make a road trip to illinois and come watch it lol.

ya i saw it but have no way to get it to you. i have it on dvr

Hmm, I think a riding buddy got it on his DVR as well. Unfortunately he is half a country away at the moment.

Dangit, I'm famous and I can't even see it!!!!! PM me if you want autographs by the way, I'm sure you can work something out with my agent.

Riding buddy says I go by on the bike once during the show. So not only am I on TV, I'm on TV riding a motorcycle :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

(Go along with it and let me enjoy my 2 seconds of fame :thumbsup:)

One more thing which I probably shouldn't add because of how young that girl is... but there is something going on in the video that can be found at the posted link. She spent half the day walking around the pits in a sports bra' and those things were not that big. Just sayin :thumbsup:

Re-run at 8PM tonight, yes.........

yah I saw it last night. haha watching her wipe out on that like 10' double made me laugh. Heck I almost thought it was a whoop at first. It was still a pretty cool episode none the less.

made is a dumb show anyway. they make it look so dramatic.

Re-run at 8PM tonight, yes.........

8 eastern?

I watched it last night also. The girl is a spoiled brat. :thumbsup:

90% of the people on MTV are spoiled brats... ever seen that show "my super sweet 16"? if you have, nuff said.

yeah to make it on MTV you have to have your nose shoved up someones butt, or you have to be friends with the right person.

is there a link were i can watch the whole episode on my computer

it was just on awalago...

i may be related to this chick, her last name is smalley and i have family in south texas(where she lives) with the same name:excuseme:

it was just on like an hour ago

i didnt get to see it so i geuss ill have to watch it tomorrow at 12 eastern time

They will probably have the whole episode on the website within a couple days I would imagine, since the other ones are.

I watched the re-run at 8:00. It's pretty funnny, But that girl is a spoiled brat that needs a reality check! I have to admit it was hillarious when she tried to hit that small doubled and slamed. I could do that blind folded! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I'm on there for about a millisecond... and am a complete blur (most likely because of my blazing fast speed).

Will post pics proving my eternal stardom in a few minutes. They filmed me during the first practice session (maybe even the first lap) so I haven't started scrubbin' the quadruples yet.

How long you think till I get one of those star dealies at Hollywood?

Sarcasm and stupidity aside, that girl is an airhead. The MTV people weren't that cool at the race either. They didn't care about anything other than filming that dumb girl riding. My friends little sister kicked her butt in the race (she got 1st in both moto's) and her face is on the screen about as long as mine.

Anyway, look for my self absorbed, egotistical thread with pictures of me on TV.

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