Pit Bike First timer ride impressions - review

So for a couple months i researched pit bikes looking to play with the sport. I ended up with a Piranha 140 with the Lifan 140cc motor. I am 5'10" and 170 pounds so i was concerned with not having enough power. That was simply not the case!

This past weekend I had a chance to go ride with a couple buddy's. One had a Honda CRF100 and the other had a YZ125. Both these bikes were considerably larger then my Piranha. I must admit they got a laugh out of seeing me show up with my little pit bike. I took the ridicule in stride and began to play a bit. To my amazement I was blowing the doors off the Honda 100. That thing was an underpowered pig that i smoked time and time again. The YZ125 was another story. Obviously I lost those races but not by the margin I expected. It didn't help that he had an extra gear. I'm considering changing the front sprocket to try and attain some more top end speed. But doing 40-50 mph on this little pit bike was scary indeed!

So for those of you on the fence I just wanted to let you folks know that these little bikes really scoot! Now I need to find a MX series around me in Ohio that i can try out some races with.

Happy trails!:thumbsup:

Sweet!! Glad you like it!

Yeah My pops has a big ole honking 4 wheeler that my OGM 150 smoked the other day. It's one of those 800CC automatic 4x4 things but it scoots pretty good. I was surprised i took him by so much.

the lifan 140 doesnt have alot of upgrade options, and parts are scarce. If I could do it again I would get a 150. It is fast stock though, it hauls my 190lb butt around pretty good.

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