How loud is the FMF powercore 4 exhaust

I have the opportunity to pick one up for $85 and was just wanting to know how loud it will make the bike? I have the washer mod in the stock exhaust now and it sounds really good but my son wants just a tad louder but I don't want it annoyingly loud.

I just had the FMF put on my TTR 225 and I'm in love with it. Smooth awesome sound, more power. I can't imagine riding it without.

its louder.......than what youre running.

pick it up for that price, try it, if you don't like it ,sell it here for a hundred, it will sell fast, i love mine, it's louder but i don't think it is annoyingly loud.

I have it on my TTR-125 mini-motard bike. It is loud. Even at the racetrack it seems pretty freakin' loud. If I rode anywhere other than closed course competition, I would not use it.

i have one on my 2007 ttr 125 and it is sweet. it makes the bike alot louder than the stock pipe. the pipe gives the bike an awesome amount of power

I also have a power core 4 on my 07 ttr125l and love it. It is louder but not as loud as the bigger bikes even with their stock pipes. It also greatly increases throttle response and overall performance. For that price it is a must have kind of deal.

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