Hook Me Up! RI Trials Club

Will some one hook me up as there site is not that helpful.Looking for a place where others ride those funny looking machines.

All kidding aside, my old lady is sick of me tearing up the tree walls and yard in general.Oh and after that last riderless launch of the wood pile that almost gathered a beagle in its wake I figure its time to start putting some dents in rocks over at Exeter.

Scott H. Ashaway RI

Have Sherco will Travel!:thumbsup:

maybe get a mass OHV plate and play in their state forests? however, don't go there without the plate, apparently they impound on sight no questions asked

Thanks Red,

I got 40 sq miles of stuff down my way and thats no joke.Just know you need an invite to get into the RI club which is 12 mins. from my house. They have 900 acre Escoheaug park all primo already set trials courses.Want to hook up with some one other than novices to help me along faster.Join

The two members I know are not readily available.


The two members I know are readily available.


The club is, and rightfully so, very protective of what they have there in Exeter. The agreement to ride there is fragile. That being said you need a sponsor for getting in the club. If you know some members ask if they will sponsor you. If not let me know and I'll sponsor you.

Im from Milford,MA and I ride in the state forests with a plated bike. Theres great riding there too.

If you're willing to travel some day, let me or Frutta know. We have a couple places to ride around SW Connecticut.

Thanks Guys,

I have two friends in the club both of which are out of town working.I may have to take you up on it A5.

I currently have been trying(With Fran P. at CCC) to get the 70+ miles of open legal trails marked permantely for the Pachaug Forest right next to me in CT(which is being done as we speak),for the rest of us Seat using bike owners.So I do understand their dilema. Also my sister is one of those Equestrian riders there who oppose are usage so I am always in the know when something goes arie in the exeter area

Thanks Scott H

Hey Scott,

I posted a thread about the trials event this weekend at Plainville MA. I'm Sure there will be many RI riders there.

I ride a plated trials bike in Foxboro. Great fun.

Hey Scott,

I posted a thread about the trials event this weekend at Plainville MA. I'm Sure there will be many RI riders there.

I ride a plated trials bike in Foxboro. Great fun.

Im plated also and when healthy I ride Foxboro/Wrentham a lot.


Sorry I missed your last post. Hook up with me in Plainville. I will be running the youth's. Just ask someone for John and they will point you my way.

Thanks A5,

I will hopefully see you up there,not sure what my plans are yet.Have the big Seafood Festival at Rhode Islands, Ningret State Park going on in my backyard.I like to fly R/C demonstration for the crowd .I will try to make time.Directions at the Neta Site for this.

Thanks Brother.

Scott H. RI

Yeah super easy to get to....

Route 495 to Exit 15. Route 1A south for 2.2 miles. Wood school is on right.

GPS Coordinates: N42 00 31.7 W71 20 23.1

U the Man A,

I just got word that I will be free to go.......Boss said so.I will look you up.I should just sign up as a Novice and come ride.I only have an AMA card.

Never evented before,will see... I might just come to see what its about.I'll bring the sherco just in case.might get some help with better set up on my machine.

Wheres the Dunkin Donuts up there.....

Scotty H. R.I.

Wheres the Dunkin Donuts up there.....

Scotty H. R.I.

Hey I like the way you think...

As you get onto 1A from 495 get in the right lane. At the 2nd light take a right into the mall driveway. On your right you will see a Dunk's.

Heres the coordinates for the Dunk's

N42 00 31.9 W71 20 23.2:ride: Just kidding....

You may want to spectate on Sat and ride sunday...or just ride the event. if you come to a section you dont feel comfy about punch out and move on. KP usually puts on a good event. Last year the loop was tough but the sections were spot on. AMA is all you need...you can get a day pass for short money.

I heard the loop will be short and easy this time. Different guy set it up. The terrain is relatively friendly as well so I would say a good one to start with.

Sounds great,

I would get some much needed criticism to my launch it then go find it techniques.Hey is that pudding stone they have in Mass really that soft like I hear.....heh heh ehe!

Well I have to get back to work on the porpety fencing tonite my Enduro riding brother used to have a TL125 as a kid and decided to try my practice course with my 2.9.

It was kind of fun watching him go in circles with the throttle hand still grasping on,wheeling 2 spins and then off it went.......Only took a couple mins. to get it out of the neighbors 5ft wire border fence .....All good I can't wait to try his new CR450 heh heh ehe! Theres a deep swamp down the road for that test.Pay back time!

Thanks again Scott H.

Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.

Yea, make sure he's standing behind u in the swamp when u dump the clutch on that 450, if he's cleaner then the bike, ur doing it wrong.

Nice Touch Red,

Just got back from Plainville Ma,Good show...The rain held out just right for the event.

Yeah, everyone said that it was great. I always miss the good ones! :ride:

So did you end up seeing me there? And what class were you riding?

Yeah looked like a good one....

Hey YZ,

Hope your arms doin better,I didn't ride today just went a peakin'.Looks like I would fit in the Novice Class okay.Still I only have had my machine for a couple a mons. Needed to go see what I really need to work on... and I see nose wheelin turns is a big thing I must start doin.......Oh and my basic rest balance thing is not second nature yet.I guess I can just Dab my way around until I get the knack of it.

Hope to get there tomorrow and hook up with another novice to kinda see how thing work....wishful thinking.

Scott H RI

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