Tank bag for 06 DR650 with IMS tank

Looking for suggestions for a tank bag for my 06 DR650 with IMS tank. I'm open to anything that makes sense.

I think most people are happy with the Wolfman Enduro. It's quite small, though.

You might also get away with using the small Explorer (or was it Expedition?) bag.

wolfman enduro

I ordered the Enduro from Aeroastich and when I got it..found it to be quite small..just thinkin about putting something i n it filled it up...SOOOOOOOO...I swent it back and got he Explorer Lite...Too big..so I sent it back...I feel like one of the three little pigs..

the wolfman is small, but it fits nicely. If you need some more space, get some tank panniers. I use both the tank bag for stuff I want easy access to, and the panniers for less easy, but still accessible access.

the ims tank shape does not have alot of flat surface area and it slopes quicky.

the enduro may be small but it fits the best.

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