Acerbis Front Fender

I am trying to find out what the Acerbis front fender looks like. I have used the search feature on the forum and I find a TON of CRF fenders on the XR's but they are mostly black. I want to keep the red color and the CRF red and XR red are different.

Acerbis says their red matches OEM however I can't find what the fender looks like. Below is the picture on their website but when I asked them they said they use a CRF picture not the actual XR fender that would ship.


So is there anyone out there that has this Acerbis Fender on their XR that can post a picture of it.

I just want to see the shape of it.


Same shape as stock, same color. I've found the Acerbis to be slightly thinner where it mounts so you might need to file a tiny bit of height off the aluminum washer/collar for a snug fit.

Thanks Bajabound. That is what I thought. I was wanting to update the front fender to a more modern look while still matching the OEM red but I don't think that is going to happen. All the CRF stuff is a lighter red.

According to the UFO website they say they make a front fender that matches the XR red but again no pics of it. Anyone have one of these?

Just heard back from Dave at UFO. He says It is an exact copy of the stock fender. Color is an exact match also.

So it looks like no one makes an XR red front fender with updated looks like the CRF.

i have a 250 front on my 650. check my garage

sane problem here to. I had to add washers

Thanks Rangerfng that is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

anytime brother. I try to over document and explain everything on my garage so others can see and I can use it as a guide for my next project bike. haha I forget to quickly

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