SM rotors on dirt

I found NateTheGreat's post in one of threads about SM rotors with dirt wheels.

The post is below. Please anybody with experiance write what you think. I would like to buy DRZ400SM and get set of dirt wheels. I live in a big city and SM setup is great for it, but I would like to go for offroad trip from time to time - my first will be by copper canion in Mexico....

Im quite inexperienced dirt rider, i will be really geratful for any help.

Nates post:

Exactly. Thats what makes it a supermoto.

Get a set of RM wheels though and you get the best of all worlds.

But.... another thing I noticed though is the fork clamps are specific for the DRZ SM.

I.E. it doesnt use a caliper relocation bracket. It uses different fork clamps.

So that means that you can't use a rotor smaller than the one thats on it. You can't buy an RM fork clamp either because the entire clamp + fork tube is sold as one unit I believe and is hella expensive.

So if you were to get a set of dirt wheels you will be running a huge rotor and have super touchy brakes on the track.

I've been in the dirt 3 times (so far) with my SM in dirt mode and the front brakes are fine. I just make sure that when I go through the rocky sections, that I put my rotor side away from the rocks.


i bought my bike in Seattle and rode SM everyday. Now I'm living in New Mexico and haven't taken the dirt rims off. I ride at least 3-4 days a week offroad and my SM rims are just chilling in the garage now. Conditions are sandy and lots of rocks and have had a few getoffs down here in New Mexico. The SM rotors have worked without an issue. You do have to be gentle on the front brake offroad but go for it. You won't be disappointed.

I rode mine through the gold hills outside Reno. The fire trails were fine, had to wait for the wife to catch up on her 150 all the time though. Once we descended down hills (made of schale) it got real scary. Just tapped either barkes and I was along for a scary ride. Tried to engine brake and I would slide all over the place too. The wife would just fly past me and laugh when I would have to catch up. Stay out of rocks and loose gravel unless your WOT, and get yourself some tires with tread.

PS- now the wife and I fight for the YZ250 when we hit the dirt

The brakes work fine. I've never felt like I had TOO much front brake in the dirt. That's why it's a brake "lever" and not a brake "switch". Just modulate it :thumbsup: And, hey stoppies on the dry lake bed are fun!!


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