450's anyone?

i ride a 97 cr250 and its great, but ive been considering getting a fourstroke for riding the track, since my 250 is fun on the trails, i rode my buddies yz250f last weekend and loved the smoothness, but i wanted to get more power, im a little guy im only 5'10, and weigh 130, maybe 140 with gear and stuff, i can handle the power on my 250 pretty good, i want to try a 450, but dont know which one to go with, i hear yamahas are reliable, i hear hondas are powerful but have to have valves changed alot, i hear suzukis have great suspension, and i hear nothing about kawasakis or ktms. so i was wondering if the fellow 450 riding guys (or girls) on here could help a kid like me figure out what i should spend my money on

yamaha's are reliable, no doubt there, honda's are actually the least pwoerful 450, but they still have plenty of power, and the valve issues are a thing of the past but the suspention is beautiful, and they handly awesomely, suzuki handle supurbly as they always have, but i havn't heard much else on them, KTM has the best engine, most powerful, and oh so easy to use, but some people don't like the rear suspention.

generaly you'll be faster on a 250F then you will be on a 450, go to the track and ask a few people if you can try there bikes, see what you like best.

isnt the wr450 the least powerful?:thumbsup:

isnt the wr450 the least powerful?:thumbsup:

Thats not a MX bike thou

I am 5'10 170 lbs and I ride a 2008 YZ450. You just have to learn how to use all of the power in a controllable manner, and you will love it. Some people say that the Yami won't turn, but I have had no problems with front end traction whatsoever.

Ya got to love a 450 no matter which one ya get.

I just love the power

I really dont recall EVER seeing that the hondas are the least powerful, I was thinking the Yami's or suzuki was

couldnt find alot of conclusive info, but in my search I found:

05 CRF450-50-52hp (rear wheel)

05 YZF450-47-49hp

05 KX450f-51hp

they are all so close it really does not matter........

BTW KTM's power trumps them all


of course each dyno measures differantly, but this is a comparison of the 08's, all on the same dyno under controlled conditions, the husky was later tested at 52.2, and RM-Z at 49 and a torque curve as flat as a wombat after an 18 wheelers had it's way with it.

the 47.3 hp is still more then most people will be able to sue to it's fullest, and other then the engine, most people prefer the honda's handling, i do, the honda's chassis with the KTM's engine and gearbox... :ride: (getting off track), kawi came second for peak power, the KTM was 52.4, without the sharp bottom of the kawi, making it very easy to use, while still having the all out pull if needed, but keep in mind the SX-F is only a 4 speed (although i rather liked it with only 4 gears..)

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