Left Side Bar Mounted Brake Lever.....


Can anyone offer any advice please.

I've been looking for a rear brake solution mounted on the left side of my handlebar. Rekluse offer a solution but not a hydraulic one, only cable which is no good for my 2008 KTM.

Any advice?


I don't know of any off-the-shelf units, but you could get a Magura hydraulic clutch lever assembly (a popular pit bike accessory) and have an extra-long hose made up. :thumbsup:

The Rekluse left hand rear brake is a hydraulic operated. Rekluse just does not offer a clutch override that is hydraulic. You will loose your clutch all together going with the rear brake setup on the handlebar.

I have this Rekluse setup on my KTM 530EXC and love it. Its like cheating:ride: :thumbsup: I have an 06YZ450 setup the with LHRB and Rekluse, but its a cable operated clutch so I also bought the clutch override. Now that bike can behave like a stock setup or full auto-clutch. I nicer setup then my KTM.

I am using the Rekluse LHRB setup on my bike. It works great.

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