sm wheel install

i recently purchased a set of smpro wheels and they came with new rotors, after installing the front tire i noticed that it did not spin freely and that the brake pads were rubbing. the new rotor is 0.012 thicker than the old rotor. what can i do to maybe spread the pads farther apart.

as long as the caliper isnt sticking the pads will spread themselves. If they're really biting on the rotor maybe the spacer(s) are wrong and its loading one side of the caliper

is this much wear on the rotors after a 2 mile ride normal?





.012 shouldn't make a difference. I'd take it for a nice slow ride down the street and then see how it is after.

you beat my post....looks like a bit much

my mechanic told me i need to push on the piston with a c clamp, does any body know how or have pictures of how to do this.

Thanks for the quick replies

turns out i needed a diffrent spacer,cant wait till it gets here so i can finally ride! :thumbsup:

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