Thomaston Dam and Registrations

Well, my plan is to hit up the CT DMV tomorrow morning and then proceed on out to ride. I was wondering if any locals see any merit in stopping at the DMV in Danbury or is the one in Waterbury OK...I know it is pretty clear what is required but here in NY it sometimes depends on what teller you go to...I could see the Waterbury people having a little attitude because they might get more applicants there than other places.

Am I worrying about this too much?


I am registering a 2004 YZ250...have the certificate of orign, bill of sale and my check book. That is all the tell me I need.

from all my expiriences, everyone that works at the dmv have attitudes. Any body that works with idiots all day would. I would try the danbury one its close to you in New York, but waterbury is near the dam. So it really doesnt matter in imo. And dont worry!

It wasn't a walk in the park but I got my CT ATV Registration.

Just FYI to out of staters going in...I had 2 tellers tel me they don't give registrations to out of state people. I kindly asked if they could check and both went to their manager and both cam back and said...yes it was OK.

Just make sure you have the Cert. of Origin and the bill of sale with name, address and signature of both the purchaser and seller, along with the VIN # and purchase price and you should be good...You cannot recoup the 1.5 hours it is likely to take you but hey I am good until March 2010.

I promply went to the dam and ripped it up for 2 was great. wp1

That's pretty much par for the course. You go to the DMV and almost all the people working there don't fully know the regs.

I've gone into the DMV,asked the same question about registering a dirt bike 4 times and got essentially 4 different answers.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Same here. It kinda depends on who you get. Once I got a fellow dirbiker, who made a real effort to expedite the process, and once I got someone who also apparently had no idea what the rules were regarding dirtbikes.

I do pity these poor souls though. We are usually there for 2 hours, and it sucks plenty. They WORK there! 9-5 every day. Now thats rough... It's surprising that they still have a heartbeat at all...

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