wr 450 rock solid hard seat!

am i the only one that finds the seats on these way to hard?

had a go on my mate 426 and what a difference got back on my bike after a short while and it was almost unbearable :thumbsup:

is there any mod for this or any other seat that fits?

GUTSracing.com http://www.gutsracing.com/pages/aboutus.html

They are a US company. They sell foam of varying heights and densities, they sell covers that specifically for each foam they sell.

I personally have the tall soft foam with the competition gripper cover. Nice set up that I installed myself with a heavy duty T-50 staple gun:thumbsup:

I had a couple inches of soft foam added to the top of the stock foam. Then added a couple inches of material all the way around on my seat cover and restapled. Cost me $50 for my local upolsterer to do it. Works great if you're a tall guy :thumbsup:


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