2001 DRZ400S Tool Kit recommendations

Purchased a 2001 DRZ400S about 10 days ago and the PO had lost the OEM tool kit. Should I purchase a new one (if possible) have looked high and low for one. Or, should I put one together myself ??? If I try to make my own, I would really appreciate your help in recommending the most important pieces.


I sold myine in Classifieds b/c i found th eCruz tool kit. It has everything except the 22/24mm axle wrenches and has a sweet divided bag tha tattackes to the fender. OEM tools can run almost $100 from the dealer and Cruz is better quality for about same amount.

I saw a combo 22/24mm wrench but havent purchased yet. I picked up a 22 and a 24 mm 3/8" socket from motion pro.


They also have a Fanny pack version. Their Harley tool kit won best product at 08 Dealer Expo.

I like the Motion Pro trail kit with the folding 1/4" drive t-handle. Small and light, fits in the front cowl, or a pocket. You might want to add sockets, e.g. 14mm, phillips #2, spark plug socket (in case you drown the motor crossing a stream). I carry general tools all the time, and tire/tube repair tools separate from the rest in a fender bag, and only bring them when I go offroad.

Thanks for your suggestions - I had a problem with one of my previous bikes spark plug tool. I thought any good plug wrench would work but could only get it out with the OEM thin walled plug wrench. If I could find the light weight OEM rear axel wrench I beleive I could put together a good tool kit of my own. Once again, thankeyvarymauch

I'm looking for a stock tool kit if anyone has one.

Fender bag not needed.


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