Front/Rear Springs and front revalve?

I am curious if there is any advantage to changing the springs and revalving the forks if my body weight is what the stock suspension is setup for. My goal with this bike is to be able to play off road but ultimately have the most STABLE platform while on the street for supermoto play time :-)



Don't change your suspension for the sake of changing it. It could get really expensive.

Instead, focus on solving the problem. Are you bottoming out, are the forks harsh? Is the rear bounce too much.

Assuming that you have the correct springs, what is the problem?

Well, I haven't really ridden too hard yet...but I have ridden fast. What I noticed was when riding fast off road (60+mph) I started to get headshake REAL bad if I hit any little uneven surface. One time I thought I was going to lose it. For what its worth we had a brand new Honda 250 that experience the same problem. My concern is that this behavior will translate onto the street when the bike eventually gets there. I know a dampner will help this problem, and it is on the list. But I was wondering if suspension will help this too. Thanks.

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