00 Rm250

I'm looking at buying a 2000 RM250, and the guy is asking 1700obo for it. He had receipts for about $2500 worth of stuff on it in the past 14 months. If I could work him down to $1500 would it be a good buy?

Totally depends on condition of the bike.

If pristine or very low hours it is a great buy. :thumbsup:

If abused/tons of hard hours/clapped out it is not a deal and you should run away from someone else's problems.

i agree it depends on condition. I wouldnt buy any older than a 01 if it was me. 01 is when they redesighed the complete bike. Dont get me wrong 00 and older are good bikes, just a tad outdated.

i bought a 01 and a 03 in perfect condition, with very low hours, last summer. I paid 1500 for the 01 and 1700 for the 03.

I bought my 03 for $1400 but it needed fork seals, rejetting and a good cleaning. If it is clean and has a lot of the aftermarket parts that you plan on buying anyway, then it's a fair price.

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