Hard Parts SX radiatior guards

Dont wast your cash. They fit like crap.....

The left side, shifter fits good. The right side will not line up with the tab on the radiator, not by a long shot.

When i complained about shotty workmanship on the manufacturers behalf, i got "well, if you bend the tab on the radiator they will fit". The heck with that!!! if i spend 100 bucks i should not have to bend anything to make the things fit.... Maybe, they should check there freakin jig they used to make the things.... It is obviously off.

This is the second hard parts piece i have bought that i was totally dis satisfied with.

Done ranting.....

They went on pretty easily on my 08 300XC with everything lining up ok.

That being said they really don't look like they would protect the radiators all that well and I had to adjust the steering stops so the fork tubes did not hit the guards at full lock.

Can't say I notice the decreased steering angle while riding. I do notice it when wheeling the bike around in the garage when space is tight.

I would take a look at whtever else was out there before buying these again.


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