7602 Website - New Products!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all,

I'm sure some of you have already visited their website to see but for those of you who haven't, go check out www.7602racing.com to see some of there BRAND NEW products. Great looking stuff Clay, keep up the good work!


i ordered the case saver and clutch master cover today

it was a pleasure doing business on the phone with them

Darn it Clay, when are you going to come up with something trick for the 610? I've got several goodies from from George and Kelly not to mention a few more common off the shelf thingies but nothing from you yet.:thumbsup:

The case guards look real sweet.


As a matter of fact Rajo, I've got 2 new 610 products comming out. An exhaust that is guaranteed to absolutely toast your competition, heres a pic of me testing the production version.


And a luggage rack/sunshade combo that i think will revolutionize the way people think about luggage racks. Heres a pic of the final version.


Well I already have a pretty good exhaust but that luggage rack is a must have. Finally, a way to carry all my gear and when we are sitting by the trail trying to figure out which way to go my head wont get sunburned.:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Anodize that red and I'll take one. :thumbsup:



Looks like your running a trials tire on that baby. How's she perform for ya? Are they as good as peeps say they are?


I have bought the clutch cover and case saver and they both went on super easy, look great (red of course) and no doubt make me faster....maybe just feel that way. Clay shipped them out right away and as always was easy to work with. Now I just need to "misplace" my axle blocks next time I change my tire so I can justify replacing those as well.

I just bought a clutch cover, with sight glass from clay. Awesome piece. Thanks Clay, I am very happy with your product.

The folks at 7602 racing make some really awesome anodized replacement parts for the new Husky bikes. The quick turn-around from ordering to the deliver is exceptional. Looking forward to purchasing more parts from this company, quality is top notch....:thumbsup:

Thanks Clay for the great service...

Clutch and Oil covers:



Case Saver:



I also got the CK7 Clutch reservoir cover and heard that they are working on some other goodies.


As always, 7602 Products ARE top notch quality and look GREAT too! Nice work Clay, keep up the good work!


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