Skippy Exhaust Mod.


Is it the stock Aussie WR426 stainless pipe you modified ?. My stock pipe on the WR426 2001 has a 1" tube that runs a fair way into the exhaust. Does this long 1" inch tube come out by just cutting the outer end plate or are you talking about another pipe.

How does it sound ?. Some people punch a hole in the baffle plate at the end of the 1" tube and it sounds like crap.


P.S. Where do you live in NSW, I live on the Central Coast near Gosford.


I just sent you a pm but i forgot to say where im from. Im in newcastle & would like to do some rideing in the southern watagans which is pretty close to wjhere you are, I think. have addvertised a ride with auto one , parts shop down near your place on the 16th june. I was thinking of doing the free ride with them.

I have a drawing (obtained from TT ages ago)showing a cross section of 98 YZ and WR pipes. I dont think they will have changed the design much apart from length & stainless instead of mild steel.

If you send me a pm I will email it to you.

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wont let us see the pipes

I know!!!!! ;((

I tried editing 2 times, something wrong with Yahoo hosting my photos - they dont like sharing!

I will happily email people the drawing.....unless some one can suggest a good host for the jpg.

Try again



Mine doesnt look like any of them. The 1" tube at the back appears to run parallel to a baffle unlike one of the pics.

There are also three or so spot type welds half way down the pipe that i assume are something that hold the 1" long tube.


Woody's motorcycles at Wyong/Tuggerah run rides once a month and it is free with food which usually goes into the watagans. Havent done one yet but heard about them. Try that and let me know and maybe we can meet ????.


I saw that on Eat My Dirt and thought it too good to be true. I have heard there is great riding down there but have never had the chance. Busy on the 16th but would like to know how it goes.



How did you get that name?

Sounds like you have too good of a time at partys

Anyway my pipe is simular to the bottom picture & yes the 1 inch tube must go. It is the one restricting the flow of gas & biulding up gas presure on top of the piston & slowing down the way the piston increases in speed or acceleration.

The benerfit the aftermarket pipes have is that they have packing around them to make them quiter so you will find that after modifying the muffle it will be fractionaly louder then SOME aftermarket mufflers. But quiter than others.

Try it & if you don't like it you can always change it back by welding & painting like new again.

I am more than happy with mine & I won't be changeing it back. It sounds good to me.

Hopeing to see you at the charmhaven auto one ride on the 16th june. Cheers.


Chucky came from an analysis being done at work by some americans I was involved with. A friend somehow associated the name with the americans.

Unfortunately I am helping someone move on the 16th so won't be able to do the ride.

Regarding the muffler, how am I going to remove the 1" tube if it's also retained inside the pipe. I'm guessing but I thought maybe the three weld spots were something that is supporting the tube. I suppose if I drill the spot welds out maybe it will release it but then I would have to chop the whole end off to get it out. Welding is not an issue for me but just the unknown and not wanting to make too big a mess. I agree I could just weld everything back up but would like to know what I'm getting into first.

Thanks for the response.



My 98 Wr (NZ) muffler sounds the same as yours.

I cut around the pipe approx 25mm from the end, (around, not right through) The 1" pipe slides out of the inner baffle.

You will find a spacer around the 1" pipe where it goes thru the baffle. If you remove the 1" pipe and replace with one that is a snug fit in the baffle, the flow and power is heaps improved. From memory mine was approx 1 1/2".

That extra 1/2" gives you double the x sectional area!

You will also notice two smaller tubes running back through the baffle, the x section of those adds up to approx 1 1/2" also.

Makes you think that it was a restrictor for compliance?.

Good luck

Pete G

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