Axle Block Options

What are you guys running for axle blocks that have better reference marks that stock? Something with finer graduation, for more accurate wheel alignment.

Look no farther. These are the best out there IMO. I suck at getting my back wheel straight. I forget the amount of marks on one side by the time i have crunk my neck around to check the other!! Talk about short term memory loss....And I dont even smoke that stuff. The brake side of the block bolts into the swingarm. I dunno what added benefit that has....I forgot already:bonk:



$39.95.....Free shipping too I think?

I remembered the disc guard, just not the axle blocks. Do they come in other color such as clear anodized or black?

He will make them whatever color you want!!

Thx... I just don't like the oranged anodized stuff too much.

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