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Hi guys/girls!

To describe me i would say technical perfectionist and general speedfreak.

I'm new to the bike thing since i got the license about a year ago.

I have, however, already restored a RD350LC and got a large feature on it in one of Sweden's largest bike magazines and then sold it and bought the thing below. I might be a rookie on bikes, but definetely not on things that go fast....i'm just used to larger things with more cylinders, -preferably in a V shape:worthy:

The, for me, expensive thing is that i like pretty much anything warmed over to extremes that sounds like hell on earth and i like to beleive most of us gearheads here think alike.

Last fall i started the project i call Hammer.

It's a '99 Yamaha TT600R that i ripped apart for some paint that ended up as a total project.

Every single part on the bike that can be busted, poorly repaired or just completely screwed was just that. As you can emagine fixing all the wrong's take time and money so i still haven't pieced the bike toghether yet.

The things i have done to it so far is:

*Weld/repair the swing, sandblast and powder coat it texture black.

*Acid dip/powder coat the front fork (texture black).

*Disassembled, sandblasted and powder coated the dry sump texture black.

*Sandblast and powder coat the frame gloss black.

*Bought Takasago Exel motard wheels w. Talon 320mm disc and Avon

Distanzia 120/160 front/rear setup as well as a 16/40 gearing opposed to

the stock 15/44.

*Pulled the engine apart and replaced all bearings, kopper beaded the rod,

bushed the small end, rebalanced the crank without the balance factor of

the counter balance shaft(55% over balance), put in a modified Wiseco

11,5:1 piston that i had HTC coated on the top and Grafal on the skirt. I

also bored it to 96mm, rebuilt and had the cylinder head max ported by a

pro, put in a racetrack cam, lightened the flywheel from 1861grams

to 1542gr., removed the counter balance weight on the counter balance

shaft, got a Devil header pipe and was supposed to have a set of Mikuni TM

34 flatsides on there but it was too tight (just my luck!).

I painted the entire engine in pieces (gloss black) and have assembled every detail on the engine with new stainless acid proof allen bolts. The entire bike will get the same treatment. I also had some engine covers painted in the texture black powder coat.

The idea is to create contrast between gloss black and the texture black and let the white plastic stand out with some stainless/silver accents. I will change all plastic to white and make my own decor inspirated by the stock one but with a slight twist.

How does that sound?

Anyway, i've known about this place for a while and i'm glad that i finally became a member.

By the way...if anyone needs help with american muscle, building V8's (stock to race) or anything regarding old Volvo's feel free to ask!

I apologize for any lack of linguistic skill...

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Cool Hammer, Can you link some photos of the bike with a beautiful bike model from your country? Sounds like a great bike project.

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I do have pics of the progress, but getting a babe to pose in front of a

pile of parts is a tough one.....but let me get back to you on that one:thumbsup:

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