144 sprocket cobmo?

ust curious what gearng 144 guys run.

What go me thinking was the 4 strokes passing me on the berms and heading dow the straights and over the table top while staying in one gear. What the hell, how easy is that lol. I have to shift twice before that table top. So I wondered if the 144 made it more thumper like in terms of pulling longer with taller gearing.

I ran 14 front and either a 48 or 49 rear depending on how fast or tight the track is. I know with the 13 front sprocket I was in 4th gear in no time the 14t should help correct that.

Wholy crap. A 14/49. That is like a 12/42!

The 144 pulled as good as the bike did stock with stock gearing with that? No shifting every 2 seconds either?

I have an eric gorr modded 144 it works perfect with my setup I would never go back it pulls better then stock with this gearing but it got all the lost rev back and gear run out. Take a lesson from KTM thier 144 has a 14T front sprocket stock.

Ahh nice, thanks. Greatly appreciated. Any idea what the stock rear sprocket on the KTM is? I can go dig but if you know....

It's a 50t I believe and KTM use's the 125 tranny in the 144 in case you was wondering.

yep that I knew thanks.

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