2002 KLX300 Complete Clutch Assembly

OK, to make a long story short, my 18 year old destroyed the clutch on my 2002 KLX 300R. (bashed on a rock)

So, in Canada, it will cost over $900 from Kawasaki to replace. I did a search in the US, and I am looking at under $600 from a Kawasaki dealer.

What are my options, the entire clutch from the basket out needs to be replaced, including the outer clutch cover, and all bolts. Should I go after market, or stock? The cheaper the better.

I was wondering if I should be looking at a Reklus clutch, and what inexpensive options for the rest of the clutch are. Please help me, I have a race coming up in the beginning of September and I need to get back on this thing.

Does Rekluse have a clutch for the 300 now???

I'd try to get what you need on Ebay???

Rekluse doesn't make a clutsh for the KLX.Revloc does but they are quite a bit more expensive,and I haven't read or heard any reviews on them http://www.revloc.com/ Hope this helps you out

yeah i kinda had the same thing happen to me except it was me that did the damage. i had just changed my chain and then on a ride the gide plate that holds guide tensioners on came off and went through some gears so i had to buy a new clutch basket. i would go aftermarket, i got a new hinson clutch basket and i think they are mutch lighter, but whatever you decide ahould be a good decision. good luck.

Well, it lives!!!

I finally got it back together and took it for it's first ride in a long time around the back yard today. Felt good and ran just fine.

There were 14 tangs that were missing off of the clutch basket, I managed to find 9 of them before reassembly.

I plan to go for a light ride tomorrow close to home, then change the oil and hope to call it good.

Final cost was about $800 and a bunch of time from me feeling for clutch parts. I purchased them from babbits.com

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