Showa inner chambers leaking

I the past i have serviced my 05 honda cr250r twin chamber forks and set them up with a two stage valving setup, stock springs. Ive bleed the air from the inners without any problems (they fully extend when released). I put the inner chambers under pressure by holding compressed for a length of time with no noticable leaking for lower seals.

#1 what i first noticed is that when sitting on the bike and compress the forks they now make a bit of a click sound when first compressed. (sounds like its coming from the BV) Maybe the pressure spring or does two stage valving create this sound?

#2 after disassembling the forks again the inner chamber now dont seem to fully extend(last 1"/ 1-1/2") I also noticed that oil from the inner chambers had leaked by the BV assembly.(had different oils in inner vs outer which are different colors) Can this be corrected by replacing the o rings on the BV assem or do you think i have to change the bands also?

Thanks for any help!

You need to change the floating piston seal. Check past treads about how to change it. You can get the seals at Race Tech or Factory Connection.

No need to change the bands or the O´rings. It´s a very common problem, I would recommend you having extra seals.



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