cycle news says wr450= 240 dry

i know this could be fake but that is what the cycle news says in the full listings of all bikes.


That has to be a typo.

I'm not so sure it is very far off. I have a 02 DRZ400E buddy bike that is said to weigh 265/268 dry. The 03WR 450 has a lot of weight savings in it's list of changes.

French mag just did a comparison: Full weight, ready to rock&roll with 10 litres fuel: 123 KG or 270lbs. 10 litres fuel weighs approx 22lbs. 1.5 litres oil weighs about 3.3 lbs. Coolant what, 2 litres ?? = 4.4 lbs = Dry weight : +- 240 lbs

Oh stop it you guys, now I'am really excited, I would have been happy with 255lbs, if its anywhere in the 240's I'll be thrilled. Oh baby I can't wait!

Come on Boy's!!! Their is no way it only weighs 240lbs, That would be a savings of 23 lbs from last year. Not likely, These mags get payed to say what needs to be said, to help sell bikes. That is why they say the Cannonale weighs 274 lbs dry, because c-dale is not paying them anything, Truth is the C-dale has got to be lighter then the new Wr.

i don't know how true it is but i heard the WR is ony 18 pounds heavier than the YZ450 !! but until we actualy get one who the hell knows !!i put my down payment on my WR in august and every month they say it will be in next month !!

Truth is the C-dale has got to be lighter then the new Wr.

How do you figure?

We know that the YZ is around 223. We know the WR also has an Al subframe, an Al kickstand, and smaller and lighter fuel tank than prior years. (Hint: Yamaha ain't gonna make two different bikes. As in prior years the WR will be a foofed-up, tuned down YZ).

A KTM EXC is about 15 pounds heavier than an SX (bigger tank, kickstand, lights, stator, battery, two gears and a starter) so it is not unreasonable at all to expect the WR to be w/in 18 lbs. of the YZ.

Lose the light, kickstand, battery, starter (and harness) and stainless exhaust and it theoretically should be within 10 lbs. of the YZ if not less.

Lose the coolant overflow and lights (cam timing? throttle stop? ignition map? jetting?) and you should basically have a YZ w/ a five speed, slightly larger gas tank, a funky KTM-like air box, and a hole where the starter used to be. :)

I don't think my WR426 is really all that heavy. It's not like these bikes are underpowered by any means. It could be could weigh what a XR650 weighs! I guess those guys that are serious racers worry about that kind of stuff. Me? I'll be happy if Yamaha can get the e-start and battery in the new WR450 at the same or less weight than my WR426.

Yamaha Canadas info says 248 DRY for the WR450 and 233 dry for the WR250.

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