good price for a 2001 cr125?

is 900 a good price for a 2001 cr125 from the orignal owner with no title and its all stock besides bars and seat cover. i have a yz250 and i just want to flip the 125. Thanks

No title is problem. You should look to see the serial number is still on the bike. I can't think of any situation that the title was no where and the bike had a serial number on it still. If it does then, then run it. Find out about it first.

You aren't going to make much if anything on a 125. Especially if it is all stock. An '01 is going to need a topend at the minimum. Probably some new brakes, and a thorough going through. By that I mean pulled apart and cleaned, relubed, greased, all new fluids. No way is it a going to be a good deal when you are done. Unless you can find some numbskull 15 yr old with the cash in his hand.

it has very low hours on it and the owner just never payed taxes on it so he never titled it. i would just clean it grease it and do cheap maintance and sell it how it is.

You can't hardly buy a used off road bike in Kansas that has a title. It isn't required to title it, and if a person does, they tax you on it every year, figure that one out.

Do have the VIN ran for your own safety. A guy I know traded for a bike, then sold the bike to a friend of his. This friend ran the VIN and found it to be a stolen bike. Police now have said bike and the original guy that tr4aded for the bike is just out his trade. The friend had the VIN checked prior to paying for the bike so he was out nothing.

Other than that, I do think you will not make much money if any at all. But it is cheap enough you shouldn't loose any money on the deal.

luckily a uneducated owner bought my bike. it was a 01, rebuilt whole motor including jug with 10 or so hours on it. otherwise it wasnt that great, bought it for 1450. just gave me the money and left with the bike. barely looked at it.

yeah i check them all out up and down inside and out but i just dont know alot about honda 2 smokes since i usualy buy and sell yz's

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