Wheelie Help

so, i went to do some wheelies today, watched the vid, and it absolutely sucked! i dont know what im doing wrong here, i just cant keep them up very long. and on top of that, i cant shift! ever since i started wearing boots i had to re-learn my wheelie style, now i cant shift. any shifting tips? and not to blame it on the bike, but it is missing a shitload of top end right now because my compressoin is so low http://youtube.com/watch?v=9VDn1Yvjmz4

vid no workie.

hmmm.... idk, let me see what i can do, it works for me though

ok, it should work now

sit down more..pretty much sit on the back fender. and make sure to cover the rear brake.

learn them in first gear really good before you move on to higher gears.cover the rear brake and bring the front end up with the clutch more so than the throttle. a good long first gear wheelie is harder to do and less dangerous.

Watch this youtube video. It's by Gary Bailey-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duIk3avS6j0&NR=1

i started doing them in second this afternoon and now i can hold them alot longer :thumbsup:

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