2006 KLX250s price

I found a 2006 KLX250s bike used on craigslist. The bike looks really clean, and looks like it has never been off road. It has 2,300 miles on it. I plan on taking a look at it later this week. The seller is asking $3600. Does this sound like a good deal? Any help would be great. Thanks.

why buy an 06 with more miles when you can have an 07 with less miles and tons of mods....that still has some factory warranty on it? Im in central NC but would be willing to travel some if I got the right price.....

Link: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=365016

pm me if you are interested


I got my 06 13 months ago with only 300 miles on it for $2500.

Just last month I saw one go for $2900 (07 with 2k miles).

$3600 is way too much.

bought mine in Jan. of 07 for 3900 out the door. I think its to high also. I think its about 800-1000 high.

Good luck,


Where are yall finding these deals. There is nothing like that around here.

I purchased an 06 with 1183mi for $3300. Everything was stock. I live in upstate NY and bought the bike from a local early this spring.

Sounds high, I got an 06 in april with 400 mi for $3200. S. Ohio.

Not an expert on pricing but I got mine on Craigslist also from a guy in PA for $2,900 with 122 miles last December.

Look around...a lot of good used bikes with low miles should be coming on the market soon.

My 10 cents.

wow thats an unreal deal, 2900 with 122 miles. unreal

I got mine monday with 670 miles for 3100

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