Wheel bearings

First, how do you get the front and back wheel bearings off? I don't have a bearing puller. Is there any other way? Also once i get them out, can I use them again or do I have to replace them with new ones?

You'll need the special tool for extraction...

But you can "McGuyver" a cheap tool for the install (I think the sticky is in the suspension forum)...

Once you decide to pull them, might as well replace with new ones (imho)...

But unless their in really bad shape, you can usually just clean, and re-lube... :thumbsup:

The special tool is the way to go, but I have used a long flat blade screwdriver, put the screwdriver in the wheel on the opposite side you want to remove the bearing from. Get the flat blade to catch on the back side of the bearing and tap it out with a hammer. Go around the outer edges of the bearing at different spots so that it taps out evenly, not at an angle. When you do this method, DO NOT reuse the bearings.

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