Decompression Release on '00 TE410

I recently purchased a 2000 410 TE which has the decompression release removed. I need guidance on the installation of the cable for the release. The cable looks as if it needs to run through a specific routing in which an elbow on the cable must pass though or attach to. Does anyone have any photos or guidance on the installation and routing of this cable as I believe I have the linkage on the rocker arm assembly correctly installed?

If you visit they have downloadable workshop may find your bike there. Hope this helps bud. Let us know you go.


The url's not working. I'll try to find whats going on.:thumbsup: Go to the uk site sepporate from this and you'll see the w/s manuals:thumbsup:

If you don't end up finding anything/pics, etc... let me know, and I'll see if I can get over to my parents house and grab a few pics of my 00410 head area if possible. I hope I don't have to take anything apart. :lol:


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