97 kx125 crank

im really worried my crank bearings are going bad, since the bike is about 11 years old and i dout they have been replaced, what exactly am i looking for when looking at the crank? the cylinder is off atm. how can i measure it or test it?

if they are bad, do i need any special tools like a press to get the crank out of the case? i think the bearings under the connecting rod are bad but im not completely sure.

All of your answers are here in this forum. You just have to search for it. Ed (no1clyde) made a couple great posts concerning bottom ends. Check those out as well.

you guys thing it would be cheaper to get a rod bearing? or a compete kit.

Do you have a set of feeler gauges?

i do, but idk what the max limit is on the movement.

took a while but i found the service limit, which is .70mm. mines only @ .55, and the up and down problem is solved. it wasnt the crank moving up and down it was the piston moving back and forth . i just wasnt looking good. just waiting on that stud bolt not,

went to fastenal, talked to the guy and the single helicoil install took is $150. and a kit is $55. how gay. but ill see what i can do. dads off on paid vacation all next week and im sure we can get something done. :thumbsup:

were good to go guys! the helicoil i got previously was to big, and i bought a kit with the right size. and BAM a new cylinder =]

runs good, doing break in when it cools down outside.

good to hear

crap!!! just when i decide to look to help someone. i find a problem i know all about. then its already solved :ride: but glad you fixed it:thumbsup:

good deal, good to hear it is back together

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