KX 250 1995 pipeselection questions.

Went riding today and one thing struck me. i have a FMF fatty pipe and i dont think i have much low and midrange grunt. all power is toprange wich make me kx hard to drive for a beginner like me ^^ do you guys have some tips on what i should bye. want more bottom and midrange power :thumbsup:

All top on a 1995 KX250? What else have you done to it?

All top on a 1995 KX250?

I guess this is a comparative term. A '95 KX250 has a huge top end compared with a KDX or similar 'trail bike'.

I swapped my Fatty on a '97 KX250 over to a Gnarly with a Shorty silencer and that definitely gave more low down power but did sacrifice a little top end. I also run a 10oz Stealthy weight which helps smooth the power out too.

You should also try one tooth less on the front sprocket and see if that suits your riding style.

Good luck! You will enjoy that bike! :thumbsup:

I just seem to remember Eric Gorr describing it as a good enduro powerband. My friend has one. He has a Pro Circuit Platinum and PC spark arrestor on it.

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