Thor Force Knee brace Help

Just need some help. I picked up a pair of Thor Force knee braces. I like them but they rub the back of my leg raw. I think its from the velcro. I also notice that they are wearing out my pants and wearing the plastics on the bike.

I picked up a Thor knee brace pads that are to go over the side so it does not wear your pants but can't figure out how to put them on. Any tips on getting these things to work better. They offer good protection, just need to be fine tunes.


I Wore My Dads Once, And It Put Huge Marks In My Tank. Never Wore Them Again.

I wear them along with some long ass Fox socks that go up about mid thigh. Makes them much more comfortable. As far as them rubbing things....they rub my plastics/graphics, but Id rather that then wear nothing and have my legs get all messed up.

I EVS knee brace skins, they worked wonders for my knees with my cti's on.You can get them for 20-25$.I got mine off of Ebay.:thumbsup:

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