Mid Ohio Vintage races

Just a reminder to you all of where it all started!! Mid-Ohio Vintage Days is this weekend. July 25-27th. This year they are adding a cross country race on Friday. Check it out it is a great event. Last year over 50,000 people were there. http://www.amadirectlink.com/vmd/2008/ I'll either ride my 79 Pe 250 or 83 Pe 175. Enjoy:ride:

Honuki.... What's the dealio' with the cross country race? Is it vintage bikes only? I plan on going to this event for the first time this year. Which is the better day to go?

625sxc, which day depends on what you want to see. Friday is the cross country races. This is the first year for cross country and from what I heard they have over 250 entries. Riders meeting a 9am, 1 parade lap at 9:30 and racing at 10am is vintage (1975 and older) Int & Exp. At Noon they run vintage and post vintage novice. Then at 2pm they Post vintage (1975-1983ish) Int & Exp. I still dont know which bike to race. 1979 pe 250, lots of power but I am really out of shape or a lighter 1983 PE 175 that has no where near the same power but is ready to go. Either way I hope to finish in a respectable place. There is a hugh swapmeet and roadracing practice on Friday too. Saturday you'll get roadracing all day and vintage MX, Sunday roadracing,post vintage MX and trails. If you come bring a bike with a license. Like your dualsporter. No license plate no ride. Its a big place to walk around. Food is good and people are great. Look me up if you're down on Friday 59D yellow suzukis. I am bring a 72 sl 100 for my pit bike but I hope to sell it while I am down there. Talk with you later.

Its going to be a great weekend come on down, or up depending on where your from.

625 sxc did you make it down. The vintage CC was a lot of fun. Nothing to hard just some fun "vintage" Racing. I had one crash so my 100% original 1983 PE now has another fender but hey, if thats all I have to replace I'm a happy camper. We had about 70 guys in our race with 6 different classes. We had 12 in the Post Vintage under 200cc and after 1hr 20mins I missed first by 6 seconds. Will do this again. Take it easy and talk with you later

No didn't make it. We went riding with the kids on Sunday and my wallet only allows 1 thing per weekend:mad:

Where in Ohio are you? We are looking at taking kids out sometime in the next 3 weeks. Should have 6-7 kids and 3 newbie parents riding. Were do you take the kids?

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