Mid Ohio Vintage races

Dont forget that the Mid-Ohio Vintage races in Lexington Ohio is this weekend. http://www.amadirectlink.com/vmd/2008/ New this year on Friday is the cross country races. Vintage race at 10am Vintage/post vintage novice at noon and post vintage at 2pm. 3-4 miles of woods racing and over 250 entries as of now so there will be some great racing. Saturday all vintage mx with 400+ entries and Sunday post vintage with 350+ entries. Add to this a swap meet that last yr took me 6hrs to go through, Road racing all weekend, Test rides by 6 manufactures, stunt shows, clothing etc etc. I think a weekend pass is only $25-$30. By the way, if you cant find the pasts you're looking for here someone can help send you in the right direction.

I'm ready for the CC track! I'll be there Thursday pm. Should be fun, sounds like Jerry has setup a good track(I'm not sure who helped him).

Roger 17T

Historic open expert

Hope to see you there. I'm 59d on Suzuki PE.

Just got back from 2 days at Mid Ohio. Racing was great! Camping and swapmeet not so great. Very poorly organized. The camping was a joke, paid for a camp site in advance (months ago) ended up stuck in overflow area in a straw field with not a shade tree in site. It was like a bed of nails in that field.

Swapmeet had small children on minibikes, motorcycles and 4 wheelers running all over the swapmeet and parking area. None were wearing helmets. Signs were posted all over and it was in the rules when you purchased tickets that only licensed riders and vehicles were allowed to ride in the swapmeet area. Nothing was invorced. Met some good people and had a decent time but not sure if I'll ever go back.

Patrick, did you run MX or CC. This was my first Cross country race and I had a blast. Track was not hard but did have some tight trails. Hard to pass so sometimes it really slowed you down. Competition was good to. I enjoyed the swap meet as after a crash in the CC I needed a new(old) front fender so I ran to the swap meet and not only found a front fender but bought a rear one too. MX track was a little dusty and I thought mid ohio could do a better job of dust control. People were great. I had some issues with my 83 PE and people I had never met were nice enough to help me out. ANYONE thinking of trying a cross country class should do it. They even have a novice class that raced all without anyone else on the track trying to run them over. Thanks to Teddy and his people for a great race. 59d

The CC was one of the best in the AHRMA(along with Barber) and I finished 3rd after dropping 2nd due to a root, oh well, better than 4th!!

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