KLR decal on acerbis tank

Hello. I have an Acerbis plastic tank on my KLR 600 and it looks cool with military green paint on it but i want to fill up the place for graphics emptyzb8.png

by decal looking like that one


Which i can't find anywhere. Everything i need is only good quality photo of that decal to retouch and make it on my own

I've got one decal on one of my two plastic tanks.

I'll take a photo of it in the next few days.

you wouldn't happen to have any spare parts?

Is it so bad situation with parts in US, that you are asking KLR user from Europe?:thumbsup:

Cold Snail I would be grateful to you for your help

actually, it is. I cant even get a set of rings for an oversized piston. I have to custom order rings. the parts availability comes and goes I guess. it seems when i'm tearing down a bike and selling the parts there are 12 other people selling the same thing. quite the opposite at the moment.

Here's the logo that I have.


And bigger link if needed.

And as I had to get all the bikes out to access the tank, here's a gratuitous photo of my 'collection'.


Now I know I'm not the only one with this disease which causes me to collect motorcycles.



As this is a KLR forum, I never included the other two...

The XR400R

The Katana

They all fit in a single garage (just)...


Thanks! I'll make photo of mine soon

That pic of Cold Snail's decal and tank is the same thing I had...except in green. I had a white Acerbis tank, and it came with a thick, rubber-like, decal to fit into that specific shape molded into the tank. Knowing that the rubber-like decal would probably eventually get bubbles or react with the fuel in the tank, I found a thin piece of formable aluminum and cut it in the shape of that molded slot. I got some aviation glue of somekind that is guaranteed not to react to fuel and glued that piece of aluminum to the tank. I then stuck the provided KLR decal onto the aluminum. I had that tank on my first '85 model 600 and then mounted it onto an '88 650. A friend still has that 650, and the decal and aluminum plate are still stuck to the tank. I'm amazed. I'd guess that decal probably still isn't available from Acerbis. It was a nice one, and it fit perfectly into that odd shaped molded indention.

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