125 R axel issues

just wondering if any 1 else has constant problems with axels ive bent 3 and snapped 2 and im sick of it, all of them are rear axels

does anybody else have this problem , if so what do you do just a buy a new one every time it happens

never had this problem

does any 1 go thru rear wheel bearing quickly too ive had this bike since early 2004 but hasent been rode alot since the summer of 2006 when i got the ktm 300 same 1 u c in my avatar , but when ever i get another axel i will be replacing the wheel bearings for the 4th time

well just as long as they are in right and you keep them greased everything should be fine

i have bent 3 rear axles, i wasn't torqing the nut properly, which is 37 footpounds...after i began torqing the rear nut i never bent another axle...but i have never broken one...

with the bearings...make sure you use quality bearings like all balls...and a bent axle could cause the bearings to wear prematurely

My son (130lbs) bent 4 of the stock rear axles (which were always properly torqued) before the swing arm finally started showing signs of cracking/fatigue and the rear hub bearings broke free from the hub race. These bikes stock are not designed for jumping 80ft tables and hitting nasty triples. So we went on E-Bay and bid on a new 2006 KX100 swingarm,shock,rear caliper,brake pedal,hydraulic cylinder, linkage, etc. for about $300 total. Bought a complete KX rear wheel/rotor. MOdified the KX swingarm to accept the larger DRZ bearings (use All Balz) and larger pivot mount bolt, rewelded the chain roller and added a mounting bracket for the brake pedal. After this mod, no more bent axles or tweeked swingarms. Stock linkage from the DRZ works but not the KX linkage.

This Mod Bike is now for sale in the MX classifieds on TT. must see to appreciate. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e320/Motodad104/DRZ144LB.jpg

never had problems like that

id suggest to get a super heavy duty axle...and just pack the grease on it

id suggest to get a super heavy duty axle...and just pack the grease on it

problem with that is there is no such thing as a "super heavy duty axle" for the drz125...

you could use an rm85 axle, but the swingarm axle slots and chain adjustment blocks would have to be milled out to fit the axle, along with a milled out rear brake assembly and custom bearings to fit the axle...if that was possible,

or you could purchase an rm85 rear wheel/hub and brake and just mod the stock swingarm to work with the rm setup, and you would have to fab up a brake caliper mount on the swinger...

(not worth the work/money imho)

If your shearing them off, I would look for slop in the bearing.

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