dr650 stock cam

does anybody know the stock cam spec. valve lift and duration, advertised and at .50--would like to compare to the web-cam spec.

lift--.355/.335==adv dur. 264/264 deg 240 @ .50 i am ready to change cams but would like to compare first.


Web-cam may know, or you can check yours with a degree wheel and dial indicator.

Are you trying for more bottom end or top?

thanks for the reply--will just call web-cam. they say more power across the board. I would like more mid and top has plenty down low now.

for anybody thats interested stock cam lift .360/.340 dur. 225@.50-- a little more lift than their cam at .355/.335. but d-240@.50 will wake it up some mid and top end for sure. they didn't know the 05's up were the same cam. something about timing, they want my cam to ck it out for sure. they also said they might do a custom grind after seeing the eng mods i have done. piston/fcr/exhaust etc. seems like nice people to work with. i've gone this far!!! can't stop now!!!

what, no headwork?

well maybe a little clean up by me. no pro stuff. i did port the heads on a 67 chevy II drag car i ran in late 80's ran the best of 10.74 125 with an all iron 355 sbc and 11.1 comp. my days of not riding---

Web hard welded and reground my stock GSXR cams for my roadrace superbike that I raced with great success for 8 years. I actually used short stroke cams in a long stroke motor, a milder intake and more radical exhaust. The radical intake I originally tried put the theoretical rpm ceiling (17K?) in excess of what I could actually run and made the midrange (7-9K) flat with a hard hitting top end surge (10-12k). I needed more power at around 7k for coming off the turns up to about 13k which I was able to finally get. I slotted the cam sprockets and fine tuned the cams to my riding style.

They are a small company and will help you out. Rule #1 in cam selection, go milder then you think you need. Mild grinds will yield the greatest satisfaction and best throttle response.

bigger is not always better? now i"am confused!!! back on the cam thing--i learned a lot about cams in my cars in my young days. everybody always wants to over cam their eng, they sound good but run poorly.

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