'86 Honda XL250R Issues

I'm in need of a little help...

Riding my '86 Honda XL250R around town the other day, the bike started idling a little erratically at a stoplight, and then about a 1/4 mile down the road seemed to momentarily loose power. Stopping at the next light the bike died and would not start.

Bike will kick over but not fire.

CDI? Or ???

Thanks for the help.

Got Spark? is the plug dry after you try to start it (indicates you are not getting fuel) if no spark try a new plug and nip a bit off of the end of the plug wire and reinstall the cap (screws into the wire), still no spark? CDI, coil or stator is bad. If your not gettting fuel start at the tank and go down, ensure fuel flows from petcock and that the tank is venting (screw cap on and off while fuel is dribbling out of petcock, if it stops the tank is not venting and your fuel cap is bad (very rare) if fuel is flowing then go on down ot the carb and drain some fuel from the float bowl via the drain screw leave the gas on at the tank - this establishes fuel flow is definite from tank to carb. Now go into carb / clean and blow clear all passsages, and the jets / holders. Try again.

Thanks for the response.

Others have suggested either sparkplug or CDI. Picked up a new sparky at lunch today. Will give it a go this evening.

Fuel issue was my first guess, but fuel is flowing freely from take to petcock. I will continue to trace as you've suggested.

Thanks again!

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