Black Wheels on Black Stock Hubs

Got the rear done.

Waiting on Buchanan to send me 1 nipple that was missing in the package so I can finish the front.

18" Pro Wheel Hoop

Stock Hub Powder coated Black

Buchanan spokes











Just did my stock hubs with black Pro Wheels, they look great.



Need to focus your camera, bro

Well they both look good to me.

But then my bike has scratched stock plastics and stock alu rims. The best it ever looks is clean but scratched so these have got to look great..

Man I love new black rims. You can't beat that trick look

I'm thinking of converting my 450 to a total black theme, sort of like an SE but not really.

where did you find the 18 inch pro-wheel. i can only find 19 but want 18

Through Rocky Mountain ATV, they had them in stock.

As for the focusing camera comment... The "after" pics were taken with a cell phone.

I would have sprung the extra $$ for the Excel A60 rim....However, that setup does look good.

How much were the rims and spokes? I have a couple of broken spokes and bad dents and I was looking into that.

Did you have to keep an eye on the spokes when you first laced it up, And how is the pwd coat holding up?

The wheels was 89 I think - Rocky Mountain

Spokes were 65ish - Motosport

I haven't gotten a chance to ride it. I tore some ligaments in my ankle, so I am on the "you better not ride right now" list according to the orthopedic doctor.

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